Main Lodge

The Main Lodge is the heart of our facilities. We have indoor and outdoor runs of different sizes to suit all dogs and to accommodate single or multiple-dog families.

                   Estes Park Pet Lodge | Main Lodge Estes Park Pet Lodge | Main Lodge Estes Park Pet Lodge | Main Lodge 


Camp run-a-muck is for dogs less than 30lbs.  Dogs are free to run around and play all day with nap time from 12-2. During play time there are lots of toys for the playful and lots of beds for the ones that are more into relaxing and supervising. 

         Estes Park Pet Lodge | Camp Run-a-muck  Estes Park Pet Lodge | Camp Run-a-muck  Estes Park Pet Lodge | Camp Run-a-muck

Lower Lodge

The Lower Lodge is comprised of indoor runs with outside space to play and soak up the sun. Guests also have toys to play with to keep them entertained throughout their stay,

Cat Country

Cat County provides private rooms for our feline friends. Some condos are available as well. All cats have use of the play area, tree houses, large pillows, and a rocking chair. They can also spend their days watching Birdie TV. Birdie TV.
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