Boarding Rates

We include everything your pet needs (food, bedding, bowls, treats, toys and fun). Please feel free to bring anything that you feel would help your pet have the best stay ever. We do ask that food be in an air tight container, medications in the original containers complete with label and all belongings labeled with your pets name.

Bording Rates

1 Dog


Board one dog for $27 per night

2 Dogs


Board two dogs for $47 per night/same cage

3 Dogs


Board three dogs for $67 per night/same cage

1 Cat


Board one cat for $20 per night


In addition to boarding your dog with us, you can customize your pet's stay! Show them you love them even when you're away.


30 minute Discovery Walk: $10.00
30 minutes of exploration done one-on-one usually following a path around the fairgrounds and Lake Estes

Tooth Brushing: $5.00
Help Maintain your dog's oral hygiene. Comes with a new toothbrush to take home.

TLC 15 minutes of light brushing: $5.00
15 minutes of light brushing, personal attention and treats.

Kong Time: $2.50
Kong toy stuffed with Kong Teats, liver or peanut butter snaps, and tasty Kong paste. Great for entertaining your dog at night.

SPA Time $20.00
30 minutes of massage with a professionally licensed canine massage provider.

Toe Nail Trim $10.00
Nails too long? A convenient quick nail trim by our experienced staff.

Exit Bath LG dog $20 | Sm dog $10
Go home smelling fresh and clean! Let us wash off the playtime dirt before your pet goes home.


Cosmic Mice: $.50
Furry little mice marinated in catnip used to entertain your cat.

Kitty Kaviar: $.75
Gourmet delight, dried bonito fish that satisfies even the most finicky cats.
TLC: $5.00
7 minutes of light brushing, personal attention and treats.

Tooth Brushing: $5.00
Help maintain your cat's oral hygiene. Each session comes with a new toothbrush.

Toe Nail Trim: $10
Nails to long? A convenient quick nail trim by our experienced staff.



Overnight Stays and Doggie Day Care

$20.00 per day

Early or late drop-offs and/or pick-ups will be charged a $10.00 fee. Early or late drop-offs and/or pick-ups are considered to be anything outside of our normal drop-off and pick-up hours.

We offer both overnight and daycare. Our overnight guests get to play as if they were in daycare. This is included in the overnight charge. We can accommodate the extra social and the “I just want to be left alone”.